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Our many years of experience shows that an event can only touch the senses and be successful in the long term, if it involves just as much professionalism and passionate perfection.


But everything starts with the idea, followed by the conception, planning, organization, calculation, the supervision up to the post-processing. We are your direct contact person for every project phase.


Of course, the planning process requires a precise project phase plan so that you are regularly up to date and as closely involved as you wish.


For us, sustainability means that your event will be remembered by all those participants involved and that it will have the appropriate impact.



Absolutely corporate or totally free? Whichever path you choose, we master the entire spectrum in order to find the right concept. Whether you want to raise awareness, improve your image or motivate employees, we will create the idea that will make your event a lasting experience.


The right dosage in the creative implementation of a concept and holistic thinking are essential, so that the defined goal is achieved with the appropriate communication measures. Responsible for this is a team of experienced marketing and event specialists, which we put together according to the project.



We guarantee our customers reliability, transparency, know-how, budget loyalty and the ability to listen to you. Add to this the competence to realize if your event is going to be unconventional, pragmatic, lean or outstanding. 


Our profound understanding of marketing analyzes your industry-specific situation and your needs and aligns them with your corporate guidelines. Targeted management guarantees sustainable success. Therefore, we accompany you through all phases, from strategic communication planning to event and post-processing.


In addition, we develop and produce user-friendly contents and take over the guest management for the event.

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