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Guests: 60

Location: Louis Vuitton Flagship Store Zurich

Highlight: Prefall collection by Marc Jacobs and night-shopping 

Louis Vuitton invited their top customers to an exclusive fashion show event in their flagship store on Bahnhofstrasse Zurich.

On this evening, the new Prefall collection by Marc Jacobs was presented in a very personal setting.


The requirement for the agency and the event was to focus on the LV-origin topic travel, travel suitcases in particular and to change the appearance of the shop as gently as possible within the interior design. The shop display cabinets were decorated or "neutralized" with stylish room dividers and showcases in Louis Vuitton style. Instead of chairs, comfortable cubes served as a seats for the guests during the fashion show.


After the show, an exquisite cocktail debut prepared by a decorated Swiss star chef was served. In addition, the invitees had the opportunity to night shopping in a relaxed atmosphere.

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