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two Events:


& lAunch

Guests: 125 years anniversary approx. 500,

Paul Kehl Event approx. 250

Location: Lake Side & Restaurant Rüsterei Zurich

Highlight: Look and feel & show acts

PKZ celebrated its 125th anniversary together with guests from politics, business and fashion in a summery atmosphere. The scenery of the Lake Side had been transformed into a large party lounge, all in white, the patio area specially covered with a wooden deck for this occasion. The large "Gates" with white fabric gave the place a fresh, summery note.

The breathtaking performance of an aerobatics pilot (including the logo in the sky) opened the event. Further highlights were the fulminate live concert by Chico & the Gypsies and fantastic fireworks over the lake of Zurich.

Launch of fashion label Paul Kehl

The action-packed label production of the new men's fashion brand Paul Kehl took place in the trend restaurant Rüsterei. The numerous guests experienced an entertaining fashion show with well-known models from Switzerland and abroad.

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